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Clean & Precise Electrolysis Treatment

Electrolysis was invented in 1875 and is a proven and effective method by the FDA for permanent hair removal and treating every color of hair.


Consultation helps to determine settings and treatment plans. Initial consultation is free.

The treatment begins with sanitizing the area to be treated. Then a sterile needle is inserted into the follicle opening. Then heat is applied to cauterize the dermal patella. The hair is then removed with tweezers, the area sanitized again, and Neosporin or aloe vera is applied.


Patients can resume their normal regiments. Skin is usually slightly pink for usually 15 minutes after.

Patients are advised not to touch the area treated because oil and bacteria are on their hands and the follicles are open for about 24 hours. They are asked to return for the next treatment depending on their hair growth needs, which could be twice a week at first, once a week, or every 3 weeks. Length of treatment time and frequency of visits will diminish over time as patient progresses. The complete length of the treatment last about 2 years, depending on the patient.

Contact me to effectively get rid of hair, regardless of pigmentation, with electrolysis treatment.