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Hair Removal Cosmetic Treatments

Get the proper guidance to make an informed decision about hair removal cosmetic treatments. At my company Gentle Touch Electrolysis & Laser in Rochester, Michigan, I provide thorough information as to whether laser or electrolysis is best for a patient. Here is some information to help you make that choice for yourself. First I will explain how laser and electrolysis are similar. Then, I will illustrate how the hormonal conditions are a factor in hair growth. Last, I will describe how genetics also affect hair growth.
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Both laser and electrolysis are effective tools to achieve permanent hair removal. Both are a process of treatments. How many treatments for both varies for each individual depending on their needs. Hairs have three growth cycles; anagen, catagen, telogen which means growing, resting, shedding, so not all hairs are present during treatment. Hairs are usually not at the same growth cycle during the treatments, which is why several appointments are necessary.


Hormonal Conditions

Unwanted hair often develops during puberty, pregnancy, or menopause and may also be a side effect of polycystic ovaries, thyroid malfunction or other hormonal imbalances. Hair usually gets longer to get rid of in theses hormonal conditions because the body will usually continuously stimulate new hairs. I can only destroy hairs that are present, I cannot destroy future hairs. Often after all the hairs are removed, patients may need what I call maintenance treatments of about 10 minutes once a month, until their body stops producing new hairs.


Genetics are another very important factor that affect hair growth. Mediterraneans are the hairiest while Native or Asian are the least. Even though each person is different and tolerates pain differently (some don't feel a thing while others need numbing crème), all patients require a hair, skin, and medical evaluation during consultation.

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